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Welcome to Redox Medical Group

Where we approach and treat
illness, disease, injury, and fatigue
from the cellular level.

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We are all made from cells that determine the way our bodies function.

From the moment you eat breakfast, to the moment you close your eyes to sleep, your body is signalling your cells into duty.

So, it comes with no surprise that disease, illness, and even fatigue occurs at the cellular level.

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Take sun damage for example:

It is technically a radiation burn caused by UV rays damaging the DNA in the upper layer of skin cells.

Under the hood, the inflammasome (your body’s alarm system) sets off a series of signals to other cells in your body to mitigate the damage and start the repair process.

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Disease in the heart, brain, and every organ:

illness, autoimmune, allergic reactions, fatigue, sustained injury, and the general feeling of tiredness all occur at the cellular level.

All occur at the cellular level.

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When you look at health through this powerful lens, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

You have an idea of where to begin, how to proceed, and what can be done when seemingly everything has failed.

Cellular Medicine is the future of healthcare, and we can’t wait to care for you.

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Where Science, Longevity, and Wellness Meet

Cellular redox is the balanced, homeostatic state of a cell that is achieved when cells are working efficiently.

Simply put, this means nutrition is optimally absorbed in your cells, that inflammation is occurring just enough to help your defenses (not harm them), and that your cells are in the best state to to fight off stress from the environment, toxins, and disease.

The road to Redox is not an easy one, but it is the only way we can age stronger, wiser, and prevent much-too-common age-related diseases. This new approach to medicine is forming the future of healthcare. It goes well beyond symptom-based care and “finding the root cause”. This is about changing our lives, becoming health fanatics, and being best prepared to take on the life’s uncertainties with as much ease and function as possible. Redox is the goal, and we’re here to help you get there.

Age Optimally

Welcome each birthday and become wiser, stronger, faster, and smarter as the candles grow. 

Skincare & Aesthetics

When molecular biology and skincare meet, lasting facial health is the goal and the results.

Chronic Pain

When pain is approached from the lens of cell signaling, the root cause can be found and treated.

Orthopedics & Joint

Surgery can be the last resort, and our physicians work hard to find the answers before that happens.

Cognitive Optimization

With our vast experience treating neurological conditions, we aim to keep the brain sharp and ready to go.

Hormone Imbalance

Care at any age and stage in life when hormones need need a little assistance in maintaining balance.

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