Trehalose – The Sugar that Is Actually Good For You

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Trehalose benefits your cells, brain, skin, eyes and now your heart!

The studies of this incredible supplement continue to come out and simply put– it gets better than BETTER!


First, What is Trehalose?

Structurally, it is a disaccharide, comprising two fundamental sugars—glucose and fructose.

Trehalose is a distinct sugar molecule abundantly found in various plants and animals. This extraordinary sugar carries numerous benefits contributing to human health. It is instrumental in enhancing insulin sensitivity, elevating nutritional values, and playing a significant role in cataract prevention. Trehalose is recognized for protecting cells against stress-induced damage and bolstering recovery following exercise routines.

How Does Trehalose Work?

Trehalose operates uniquely when compared to other sugars. Upon consumption, it demonstrates a gradual absorption into the bloodstream, which aids in averting abrupt spikes in blood sugar levels post-meal times. Conventional sugars and plain glucose, contrastingly, are absorbed at a more rapid pace, causing a swift escalation in blood sugar levels. Such spikes exert substantial stress on cellular structures, fostering inflammation and facilitating damage to the cells’ exteriors.

All the Benefits of Trehalose

Trehalose protects your cells

Trehalose emerges as a protective agent for cells, defending them against various environmental stressors such as extreme temperatures and dehydration. It possesses a marked capacity to shield cells from the detrimental impacts of oxidative stress, promoting overall cellular resilience and integrity.

Trehalose is an Anti-Inflammatory

Demonstrating remarkable anti-inflammatory potentials, trehalose has been documented to curtail the production of inflammatory cytokines. It manifests a protective influence on the gastrointestinal tract, contributing to a reduction in inflammation within this region.

Trehalose Protects Your Brain

Trehalose is endowed with neuroprotective qualities as well. It exhibits a protective role against neuronal damage instigated by oxidative stress. In realms of cognitive health, particularly concerning conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, trehalose may play a significant role in enhancing cognitive functions, fostering improvements in the affected individuals.

Trehalose Protects Your Heart

Trehalose when combined with other supplements like spermidine and nicotinamide will improve autophagy, which is a cell function that cleans your cells. Autophagy activators have been known to improve cardiovascular risk because of its antioxidant effects.

Trehalose Protects Your Eyes

Trehalose is imbued with remarkable protective qualities, specifically in safeguarding cellular membranes and vulnerable proteins from harm and denaturation that may result from desiccation and oxidative stress. Recent research has unveiled the protective prowess of trehalose in safeguarding mammalian eyes against damages inflicted by desiccation and oxidative assaults. Trehalose’s distinct capabilities have sparked interest and initiated its exploration as a potential constituent in treatments aimed at alleviating dry eye syndrome.

Trehalose Protects Your Skin

Trehalose demonstrates a remarkable protective ability against Ultraviolet B (UVB) radiation, specifically safeguarding keratinocytes (which make up 90% of your outer layer of skin) — the predominant cell type in the outer layer of the skin. It orchestrates this protection by stimulating autophagy, a cellular self-cleaning process. Trehalose effectively regulates critical molecules such as TIMP3 and ATG9A, instrumental in managing this protective autophagic response. This mechanism elucidates the profound impact of trehalose in defending skin cells against the harmful effects of UVB radiation, showcasing its potential in skin health and resilience.

Side Effects of Trehalose

Trehalose holds a reputation for being predominantly safe and is officially approved for utilization as a food additive within the United States. It also finds application as a dietary supplement in various countries across the globe. Generally, trehalose is received well by the body, but there are instances where individuals might encounter mild side effects such as gastrointestinal discomfort, bloating, or the presence of excess gas.

Particular attention and caution are advised when considering trehalose for individuals with conditions like diabetes or insulin resistance, given its sugar content, so always consult with your physician if you have these concerns. Consult your OBGYN if you’re pregnant before adding trehalose to your diet.

The Final Word on Trehalose

Simply put: it’s so easy to get trehalose into your life. Dr. Seeds uses it to sweeten his coffee, I use it to  bake and cook. It’s much less sweeter than table sugar, so take note: I like things less sweet, so I use a 2:1 ratio when baking/cooking. Others may need to go 3:1 if you like things sweeter.

We here at Redox do an incredible Trehalose IV delivered straight to your system. Definitely something that you won’t want to miss. Call us for more details (310) 421-2707.


Here are two of my perfected Trehalose forward-recipes, please enjoy!


Keren's Trehalose Choco Cupcakes

Keren's Trehalose Chicken Teriyaki with Cauliflower Rice


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