Cellular Aesthetics?

For too long, aesthetic treatment has focused on the exterior dermis levels for treatment. These treatments “stimulate collage” by damaging the skin, forcing a collagen producing reaction.

Unfortunately, by damaging the skin and forcing this collagen production, the skin also reacts with scar tissue or fibrosis.

No matter what you may have heard: fibrosis is the enemy of anti-aging.

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Fibrosis is often time irreversible and can be life threatening in certain areas of the body. This is not in question by any medical provider, but is twisted in some interpretations of medical journals in order to ‘stimulate collagen growth’.

By damaging your cells with some of these procedures we see today, there may be temporary benefits, but it’s certainly not long lasting, and you are creating damage to produce repair in a damaged state.

This means, the biochemical reaction your body sends is from the inflammasome, your body’s alarm system. The domino effects from this approach to beauty is pure reaction, not repair and prevention.

This is not the

Redox Approach

Redox is about creating the best environment for your cells to stay in homeostasis and continue to intelligently protect and repair the abuse of the day.

By allowing your skin to repair itself from a balanced state, give it the right cellular signals to help influence what the goals are, and understand how diet and exercise plays such a role in aesthetics.

You’ve heard of beauty from the inside out, but we’ll diverge further and say it’s from the cells. If your cells are in a redox state, your body, your skin, and your face have the best chance to bounce back from all of the world’s stressors.

Aesthetics Services

Aesthetics Service 01

Medical peels without the inflammation and downtime

Aesthetics Service 02

Exosome facial rejuvenation

Aesthetics Service 03

Stemulation by Dr. Seeds - the ultimate cellular aesthetic procedure

Aesthetics Service 04

Customized Peptide topical care products for the ultimate cellular repair and protection for the face, neck, decolletage, and skin.

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Combination facial care for lasting results focused anti-aging aesthetics

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