The Redox Way

Here at Redox Medical Group, no two patients are the same.

Every person has walked their own paths, dealt with unique stressors, has a one-of-a-kind gene makeup, and has a unique set of health goals to achieve.

That said, we don’t practice by protocol. Here we practice by listening, caring, pouring over data, and adapting to your unique response.

We start with our initial discovery call – One of our Redox Health Specialists will hop on a call with you to understand your chief concerns and goals.

Then in your first visit (either in person in our Beverly Hills office or online) your practitioner will go through your history, understand your lifestyle, and provide the first plan of care based on you.

Working with Redox is a journey back to health.

Sometimes, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Our step by step process is not based on your symptoms, but rather, based on where and what cells went wrong.

Your cells are connected by millions of pathways, all working together in complex ways based on reactions and stressors. Thanks to the Cellular Medicine research by William A. Seeds MD, the Redox team will identify the pathways that will work on repairing and restoring efficiency back to the damaged cells.

Dr. Seeds and the Redox team starts simply:

The Redox team will be part of your health team for all questions, concerns, and better days ahead.

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