Our Team

We pride ourselves in providing attentive, detail-oriented, loving care to each of our patients. Here’s just a little bit about our team and our backgrounds.

"When you can bring efficiency back to the cell, all things are possible."

Dr. William Seeds is an author, researcher, biochemist, quantum physicist, and physician with a unique ability to translate science to improved patient outcomes. He is a practicing orthopedic surgeon, residency director, is sports trained, joint trained, and a prominent the spear-header of anti-aging, hormone therapy, and Cellular Medicine.

Although Dr. Seeds has achieved great things, his most proud moments are being a father to his three sons, and husband to his wonderful wife Joslin. In the winter, you will likely find him shredding as fast as humanely possible down Vail Mountain with the whole family.

Dr. Seeds

William Seeds, MD

Founder, Chief Medical Officer


Madison Lepore

Nurse Practitioner

“The day isn't done until EVERYONE is taken care of..."

Madison comes to Redox after several years caring for patients in MICU and PICU. She is trained in Cellular Medicine through the SSRP Institute and has gone through the wringer training directly under Dr. Seeds.

At Redox Medical Group, she provides patients with Cellular Medicine care, sets the direction for meeting health goals, and provides clarity on any complex health challenges. Her experience paired with her incredible empathy is what makes her incredible.

Her favorite wellness topics are cognitive function, cell senescence, the microbiome, and weight loss.

“I will remember for you."

Kristine comes to Redox with an incredible background directing overseas operations for large-scale teams, human resources, and project management.

Here at Redox Medical Group, Kristine handles all of our schedules, manages all patient correspondence, and ensures our office goes round. Her process-driven, hard working work ethic has quickly made her an invaluable member of the Redox team. 

Her favorite health topics are nutrition, pain management, and sleep optimization.

Kristine Reyes

Clinic Coordinator


Matthew Seeds

Health Specialist

“Taking care of people is in our DNA."

Matthew comes to the Redox Medical Group after years of experience in the OR. His background study in biology and cellular medicine paired with his passion for business operations makes him an incredible source of the latest health information backed by science.

As a natural optimist and genuinely helpful being, Matthew prides himself on being a relentless patient advocate and helps awaken patients into health enthusiasts with complex biochemical topics.

His favorite cellular medicine topics are the immune system, musculoskeletal systems, and brain optimization.

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