A Groundbreaking Facial Health Protocol That Rejuvenates the Face From the Cellular Level


Facial Health?

Your face, like all parts and organs of your body deserves good health. True facial health goes beyond a skincare regime.
As we naturally age, the cells in the face may become damaged due to environmental toxins, UV damage, and even poor nutrition.

These damaged cells continue to reproduce, and therefore cause the face to age: wrinkles, loss of elasticity, and uneven skin tone… All factors of facial aging due to damaged cells.

Facial health is about healing the damaged skin cells from the molecular level, so that the naturally intelligent cell can produce the things we know are essential for anti-aging such as collagen.

Facial health creates long-term cellular efficiency rather than short-term effects using foreign chemicals.

You probably already know that collagen is essential, and maybe you’ve already endured painful procedures to ‘boost collagen’.


These anti-aging procedures are killing your cells instead of healing them…

If you’ve had invasive and unbearable facial procedures that claim to ‘boost collagen’ production by using painful ultrasound techniques, stinging toxic injections, or tiny piercing needles to your sensitive face…

This is actually causing damage to the surface of your skin to attempt to force the skin cells to abnormally produce collagen to heal the damaged tissue.

This is not facial health.

In fact, these so-called “solutions” are damaging your skin, highly painful, lacks consistent results, and is very short term.


Dr. Seeds’ Stemulation

It is a groundbreaking protocol for facial health that rejuvenates the face from the cellular level.

This patent-pending protocol by William A. Seeds MD, starts by extracting your body’s stem cells from the healthiest source in your bone marrow. After reintroducing your own stem cells back to the face, these cells repair the damage, reproduce healthy cells, which in turn restores the ability for your cells to resist toxins and UV rays.


A positive side effect to having healthy cells include: Natural collagen production that reduces fine lines and wrinkles, evens out skin tone to a healthy glow, and significantly improved skin elasticity.

The best part: This is a LASTING protocol.

Dr. Seeds will personalize your after-care with a regiment that includes peptides, supplements, and topical serums and creams that will maintain the skin’s rejuvenation, improve your sleep quality (a MUST-have for facial rejuvenation), while also improving your energy and mental dexterity.

You read that right:
Energy and Mental Dexterity.

When your facial health is optimal, the positive effects are felt throughout your entire body and brain. It’s all connected by the neural pathways that signal this repair and rejuvenation. It’s time to say goodbye to toxic and damaging procedures that are harmful to your facial health.




It’s Time to Stimulate Lasting Facial Health with Dr. Seeds’ Stimulation

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