Why Cell Efficiency Has Become My Life’s Work

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If a door closes, a window opens.

The silver lining.

Light at the end of the tunnel.

Sometimes, we found ourselves driven by events that affect our lives in tragic ways with untimely situations.

In my case I believe I was pushed into the healthcare after my father’s sudden passing in my teen years.

Dr. Seeds’ Late Father, who was also an MD

My Dad was strong, healthy, athletic, successful, and most importantly, still quite young. How could one sudden cardiac event take him away forever… I wasn’t able to help my Dad at that time, but it fueled me.

I dedicated myself to health, got my medical degree, did my residency, slaved away in a hospital, and even opened my own practice (that’s still operating after 25 years). After all those years, healthcare has been my career, but it’s not my mission.

Dr. Seeds Graduating Medical School, 1989

My mission and my life’s work moving forward will be about cell efficiency.

Early in my medical career, I have always appreciated the molecular pathways of cellular function and efficiency. I felt that if I could understand more about what the cell needed to perform at an efficient and optimal level, then maybe I could influence the cell to stay on this journey with me for a productive life.

I became fascinated by anti-aging medicine and science.

But I wasn’t looking for the fountain of youth, I just wanted to better understand how I could make each day the best in both mental and physical performance.

My theory is that if I could slowly build my bank of healthy cells over time, that could withstand any insult presented to me either by age or by disease.

I have constantly been humbled by how intelligent the cell is in its capability of making all the right decisions when given the right environment and circumstances. I think the hardest message for me to appreciate is that the cell strives to live in homeostasis (equilibrium) and too much of one thing or too little of another, can easily change the balance of cell function for the worse.

A perfect example would to consider how to much exercise without enough recovery time built into your program or, too little sleep can hinder what is needed for the brain and body to repair itself, causing a chain of events that ultimately deteriorate the cell’s efficiency.

It’s the cell.

All things being and end with the cell.

I will share this last thought with you. I have been researching this for over 35 years and every time I believe I am having a new moment of clarity where I believe I have it all figured out, I am brought back to reality by the next paper that confirms I am still just scratching the surface!

There is much to know, way more to connect, and lots more to research.

I hope that in my pursuits and research of knowledge, I am able to help a few people feel better and better yet, ignite an awakening (for health professionals and non-professionals alike) to strive not only for good health, but the BEST health throughout their entire lives.

This video below shows just how we can make the cell more efficient starting with repair and recovery as a basis. Please enjoy.

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